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Many modern ballet dances have been choreographed with contemporary music. Some ballet enthusiasts prefer this type of choreography, while some traditionalists regard the modern version as disrespectful to the classical style. It's also important to remember that ballet has always been a dynamic art form and changes over time. Even though the latest form of ballet is less then 100 years old, much has happened over the centuries.

In the 1600s, professional ballet companies began to emerge. Acadamie Royale de Musique (still in existence) is an example of such a company. Performers on stage have radically altered the art of ballet. Before, ballet audiences saw the performers from all angles. Choreography, however, changed this and began to focus on one aspect of dancers. The acceptance of ballet for female dancers was increased in the 19th Century. Marie Ann Cupis de Carmago raised their hemlines in order to better show their footwork. Marie Salle was Marie's successor and he focused more on athleticism. He also removed ballet shoes from his feet.

Dancing Explained's original text was unclear and did not include detailed steps descriptions. A detailed written description can be accompanied with either point maps or tracements. But these would be insufficient information to recreate the dance. Thus, the author included numbers in the steps. Louis-Guillaume Pecour’s Ballets was published in 1704. This marked the beginnings of the notational evolution dances. These works were a great help to Weaver as he prepared his Dancing Treatise.

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