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You can learn the basic principles of ballet, whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer. First of all, if you're considering learning ballet, it's vital that you know how to hold your arms and feet properly. It is also important that you know how to hold your hands in different positions so you can maintain your balance and elegance during performances. Ballet has three major movements. It is important to learn these moves and then practice until you are proficient.

You should know what you can expect from your teacher when looking for dance classes. Dance teachers often have their own style. Students can become frustrated if this is the case. Instead, teachers should teach the students the more difficult steps first, so they can get the most repetitions out of them.

In general, dance classes involve learning technique and choreography. Fun and age-appropriate classes are important. Dance is predominantly a form of silent art. However, there are many other forms that require the expression of physical music. It is important to learn music appreciation in dance classes. In order not to upset the teacher it's important that you pay attention.

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